Is crossfit the fastest way to get into shape?

Is crossfit the fastest way to get into shape?

Crossfit is one of the hottest workouts right now. It’s a combination of aerobic exercise, gymnastics, and weight training the goal of increasing the fitness of an individual. This exercise program also has a nutritional plan where your calories should come from 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat . There is no lie that CrossFit is a way to get into shape. It forces you to work hard, it will kick your butt and it’s a lifestyle change, but is it the fastest way to get into shape?

CrossFit has a lot of criticism behind it and it’s easy to see why. First CrossFit does not help you lose weight, which is what most people are looking for when they decided it’s time to get fit. CrossFit builds your muscles which makes your weight go up since muscle weighs more than fat. You’ll see your weight go up for the first month or so which can be very discouraging. Being discouraged at the start a lifestyle change like getting in shape isn’t a good thing for anyone actually trying to commit to being healthier.

CrossFit actually isn’t a fast way to get into shape. It takes time. If you are thinking about CrossFit you actually need to stick with it for at least 90 days, even longer for great results. Also if you are not already in shape CrossFit really isn’t the place to start. It’s a very vigorous and rough workout, that isn’t for everyone. This isn’t the kind of workout that you can just jump into the deep in and get going.

There are no main goals of CrossFit. There are no target areas, there are no lets work on this problem or that problem. It’s just general exercises. So you really aren’t working to get into shape are much as improving your body as a whole which takes much longer to shed the pounds than say running. Also if you have problem areas you need to work on CrossFit is not for you.

The research says CrossFit may not be so good either. One study suggests that the combination of resistance training and cardio mixes up the brains signals and actually confuses your muscles. What’s actually happening to people who try Cross Fit isn’t good either. People are overworking out and getting injured because of Cross Fit’s motto “No Pain No Gain”. A man in Virginia was actually awarded damages because he accrued life change injuries when following a simple beginner’s work out.

CrossFit may be the hip new gym crazy. Yes it will get you fit and you may be in the best shape you’ve ever been, but if you want to get fit fast CrossFit is not the answer. The CrossFit program is about building your fitness level which can take a very long time and it’s goal is for you to be fit for life. Also if you are out of shape CrossFit isn’t a good starting point. So CrossFit isn’t the fastest way to get into shape.

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